This better get easier…

Today I went to the gym to do the program my trainer made me….took me a whopping hour and a half….and I am going to attempt to run with the “Bundy Road Runners” this afternoon for the first time.  Honestly….I am scared out of my mind.  Not only do I not look good running…but I’m pretty sure I look like an sweaty, beet red idiot as I do it. I also know a few people who run with this group and they are pretty amazing…truth be told I just want to show up and have people ignore me haha. But I’ve got to get out of my comfort zone and push myself so here goes nothing. Luckily they have a 2km run so I am going to start with that and just see how I go. Nothing brutal to scare me away, just give me a small taste of what to expect. I’m finding the IQS (I quit sugar) program surprisingly not that hard to follow.  I wouldn’t say easy…that’s pushing it….but it’s not as hard as I was expecting.  The first few days I felt like absolute crap. I’m talking full on headache, sick to the stomach, blurry thoughts crap. But since then I’ve picked up, other than the nasty bit of food poisoning I got Monday night. That was unfortunate, feeling a lot better now tho! I have moments when I really feel like something sweet but then I remember the detox I went through and decided it wasn’t worth it.  I really have no desire to go through that again.  So yea….so far so good.  Have a long way to go yet!


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